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A program designed for youth ageing out of care, focusing on promoting self-efficacy, access to education and resources, and connections to furthering growth. ConnectED includes a unique mentorship program linking youth to retired groups with experience in trauma-informed practice who can be present to support them in navigating their journey to adulthood.


A program for school-aged children that guides them to reflect on how each of them is unique, shaped by their environment and their individual experiences. It promotes their sense of self and individuality through colourful art, fashion, food, discussion and active play. We are currently offering Colours in New Westminster, Surrey, and Burnaby school districts.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Workshops

For change to happen we need representation at every level. Our workshops ask participants to reflect on their own experiences. Each of us occupies social identities that are privileged in certain contexts. We facilitate civil discourse to shift perceptions and tackle unconscious bias while promoting empathy and accountability. Our facilitators are experts in their field and come from diverse backgrounds.


Growing Through Discomfort

We host uncomfortable conversations. Ever had a question for marginalized community but never had someone you could ask? We solicit questions from the public, group them into common themes and a panel of 3 representatives from diverse communities to discuss their answers. 


We offer our ‘womanpower’ to organizations looking for support on various projects. We are currently supporting Douglas College in managing a housing justice project.


The Exchange

A skills-share initiative that pairs skills with needs to strengthen connections and support members of our community.

Reciprcocity Programs


Anti-Racist Book Club

Contact us to for more information about how to begin our unlearning journey.

Community Events
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